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More About Impact & Less About Results

In business, it's always best to care less about the results and more about impact. If you have ever felt deflated about an outcome, fixated on a launch, or downbeat by the numbers, then this is for you! Here are 3 important things to swap in your business to help you focus on impact versus outcome. Start doing these things and you will start to see things explode in your business!

3 Things to Swap in Business to Focus on Impact Versus Outcome

1. Numbers for Hearts

It's easy when you plan a launch to look at your forecast, growth plans, and scaling goals, but it is SO important to remember that one is always magical! This is one heart that will forever be touched by your knowledge and impacted by your support.

2. Results for Impact

The result is not just based on the end result, but the results you get along the way.

  • How did you show up?

  • What conversations did you have that were powerful?

  • Who did you give ah-ha moments to?

  • What momentum has built?

THIS impact is just as powerful as the results at the end of the launch, month, or quarter.

3. Outcome for Lessons

The outcome is NOT the only part to success. It's also about all of the lessons you learn along the way. Knowledge is powerful and precious, so never underestimate how much the lessons you learn can shape your future success.

Important Things to Remember About Impact Versus Outcome

The bottom line is, don't be deflated by the outcome or results. Use your lessons, impact, and heart to pick you up and remind you of just how INCREDIBLE you are!

What is ONE word to describe the difference you are making to your community right now as you focus on impact versus outcome?


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