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  • Samantha Hearne

5 Stages For Your Next Launch

I absolutely love being in launch mode. I don't think there's anything more exciting than planning a new program, webinar or product that you are pumped to deliver to your audience!

But while it might be tempting to jump straight into announcing your brilliant new offering, if you want your audience to get as excited as you are about your new programme, there's a few steps you need to take before the big day!


Is this what your community need? We can fall into a trap of 'this is an epic idea' but it might not be what your community need or want right now. So make sure there is a DEMAND for the concept first.

Warm Up

Before you actually launch and open the doors, you need to warm up your community. They need to have some curiosity of what's to come. Build up some excitement and anticipation through social media and do some live videos teasing your content.


Take your audience along the journey of creating the new offer/product/programme. Let them see your effort, excitement and progress happening!

Pre-Launch/Early Bird/BTS sales

Launch to your waitlist, early birds, warm leads before everyone else. That way you can build momentum before the big launch launch takes place!

The Main Launch

The day is finally here! Visibility, value, connection and consistency matter- sell your heart out!

Do you do all of these phases currently?

Which do you think will help you most for your next launch?

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