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5 Ways To Be More Visible

Social media has forever changed the way we do business. We're able to build connections, both personal and professional, with people all across the globe in a way that's just never been possible before. Our reach as entrepreneurs is constantly evolving and social media is the absolute key to that. Read on for 5 ways that you can increase your visibility online.

We all know the importance of consistently showing up and being visible to our audience, but sometimes, it can be scary and that ol' imposter syndrome can rear its ugly head.

You might find yourself saying things like:

"Why would people want to listen to what I have to say?"

"Maybe I don't really have what it takes."

Ick. Get outta here with those limiting beliefs!

Why You Need To Increase Visibility

If you’re running an online business, personal brand, or service, visibility will do three important things:

  1. Accelerate trust with your audience.

  2. Elevate your status online and with your community.

  3. Build a solid online footprint for any potential clients to consume.

5 Tips To Increase Visibility

If you're finding the fear of being visible is holding you back from truly putting yourself out there, here are five ways to move past it!

  1. Focus on your community's needs instead of your own fears.

  2. Remember why you started and the reason you’re here in the first place.

  3. Write sentence starters you can use to help you gain momentum when storytelling.

  4. Start simply with boomerangs and still images - your face is enough to start with!

  5. Keep it concise. Less is more. Don’t worry about needing to be online 24/7. Just be there with intention.

Getting visible and putting yourself out there doesn't mean you don't feel fear. It means you keep moving forward in spite of that fear! Those you see everywhere are not immune or superhuman. They just keep moving forward and show up anyway.

If you're ready to increase visibility and plan for your sales success, check out my Sales Framework Training here.

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