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Back End vs Front End Business Activities

Running a successful business requires a combination of strategic back end and front end business activities. Usually the back end business activities, the ones that happen behind the scenes, are what make the front end of your business more seamless, effective, purposeful, and simple.

If you want your business to look, feel, and be simple, it’s important you have strategic plans in place for the back end. This will make the front end run smoothly. Read on to learn the difference between back end vs front end business activities.

Back End Business Activities

Back end business activities occur behind the scenes of your business. They are not client or consumer facing and often involve the systems, processes, planning, and tech tasks required to carry out your front end business activities.

Some back end business activity examples include:

  • Creating the graphics for front end promotions.

  • Writing emails that will become part of your automations.

  • Filming content that you will use as freebies or to sell.

  • Forming copy for sales pages, opt ins, and lead magnets.

  • Planning your emails for your newsletter / email marketing.

  • Calendar management.

  • Team delegation and task management.

  • Planning your own time, tasks, and prioritizing.

  • Scheduling content for whilst you’re away.

  • Building out your funnels.

  • Recording podcasts / YouTube videos and adding show notes.

Front End Business Activities

Front end business activities are what occur in real time and are client and consumer facing. These tasks often involve the actual delivery of your service and engaging with your audience and clients. It's the actual execution of the tasks and projects you work on in the back end.

Some front end business activity examples include:

  • Using socials to promote your services / programmes.

  • Client work and serving clients.

  • Delivering sessions / workshops.

  • Creating value on socials for your community.

  • Engaging with your community online.

  • Networking.

  • Collaborating with peers and others.

  • Cross pollinating your free content when released.

Business Activity Examples

Want to see how this all fits together in real life? Here are some business activity examples for the back and front end of your business.

  • Running a free challenge takes weeks of back end planning and executing

  • Launching a course takes weeks of back end planning and executing (if you want to have consistent sales and momentum).

  • Selling out a mastermind, group or retreat takes weeks of content creation, copywriting, page formation, automation set up, value planning, and scheduling of front end activities to make sure the leads and sales come in

Comment below and let me know where you need to focus your attention this month. Back end or front end business activities?


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