• Samantha Hearne

5 Steps to Build a Sustainable, Profitable Business WITH EASE

If you constantly overanalyze, doubt, second-guess, wait, double-check everything - you are NOT taking action…

And if you aren't taking action, you aren't building a sustainable, profitable business.

When you take imperfect, messy action, you will learn something. When you learn something, you'll gain some clarity. When you have that clarity, you'll create momentum.

And from momentum, everything in your business will shift.

So - the one ingredient - START NOW!

Here are 5 steps to building a sustainable, profitable business right now...WITH EASE.

1. Serve

It can be so easy to think of your next launch, the next money-making idea but ultimately in order for your business to continue to succeed you must CONSISTENTLY be serving your community.

2. Show Up

Your potential clients need to get to know you, see you, connect with you. If you have a personal brand - showing the PERSON will be key and make all the difference!

3. Have Patience

Don’t rush this. Professional artists, musicians, athletes - they train for YEARS. Not days or weeks. If you are here to build an empire & leave a legacy, give it TIME.

4. Gain Clarity

Get really clear on what you are offering, who to and WHY. Why is X the solution for your audience? Why now? Why you? Know your community and speak THEIR language.

5. Have Conversations

Social proof, human connection, conversation - these are powerful when running a business online. So TALK to your community. Give them a reason to connect with you. Freebies, polls, stories, emails, lives - CONNECT and CONVERSE with your audience.

Which of these tips will you dedicate your time to this week?