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Every Day Business Purpose

Having a successful business is about so much more than numbers and money. It's about aligning your personal values and goals with your business purpose and bringing it to life through your work. Read on to learn 5 ways to bring your business purpose into your daily routine.

Getting Caught Up In the Numbers

It's easy to get caught up in the numbers and feel pressured every time one month ends and a new one begins. You start to get caught up in things like:

  • Did you 'achieve' your monthly goals?

  • Did you 'make the most' out of the past month?

  • Are you ready for the new month?

  • Are you going to make next month 'the best yet?'

5 Ways to Bring Business Purpose into Every Day

Here are 5 ways to make EVERY DAY purposeful in your business and not fall into the 'new month and past month' hype.

  1. WHO can I add value to today? (no matter what the date is!).

  2. WHERE can I show myself compassion today?

  3. HOW can I grow/learn/become better today?

  4. WHAT is holding me back? Keeping me stuck? Bringing me down?

  5. What will I CELEBRATE at the end of today?

Use these questions as your framework for success and progress each and every day.

Which question stands out the most to you right now?


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