• Samantha Hearne

My Winning Business Formula

In this day and age, there's so much information out there about how to be successful. We're told how to get to six-figures, what to invest in, who our audience is, what programs to provide etc. The list goes on. And as entrepreneurs, it's easy to get caught up in trying to do all the things to find that success. Let's fact it, it can be exhausting. For me, I made a decision early on in my entrepreneurial journey to eschew the usual formulas and followed one idea that helped me simplify and get clear on my business goals and how I was going to achieve them.

CONSISTENCY + COMMUNITY = CONVERSIONS⠀ Let's delve into it a bit deeper.


This is not needing to hustle, be online 24/7, posting hourly, or giving your soul to the internet.

It's about ensuring you are consistent with;

  • Adding value

  • Creating connections with your audience

  • Sharing your message and voice

  • Being visible in the right spaces


This does not mean getting anyone and everyone. It's important to create a community of quality, ideal clients that engage with you and your message. Ensure you take the time to understand your community's needs, wants, and desires.


Think about your sales, launches, upsells, growth strategy, client journey. It's important to consider the "how" in converting and the "when" they convey. Identify how you can organically attract, engage & convert your ideal clients with passion, ease & fun!

Do you have a winning formula that you follow?

Which stage of these formulas is your focus?