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What is the Purpose of a Coach?

Working with clients as a coach is a vastly expansive opportunity for you and for the client. However, so many people don't truly understand the purpose of a coach. Being a coach doesn’t make you an automatic or simple problem solver for clients. It doesn't mean you have to take on the role of the "fixer of all problems," especially if they can simply Google the answer. Read on to learn the true purpose of a coach.

The Purpose of a Coach

As a coach, you are there to empower your clients to make decisions for themselves, not the other way around. You are there to support your clients in becoming independent and resilient in their own lives and choices. The clients that truly transform are the clients that also take full and radical responsibility for: 1. Where they are right now. 2. How they got there. 3. What needs to change. 4. Getting support to create that change. 5. Committing do the work. Coaches have their own problems to deal with. If we all just used our coaches and mentors to offload and pass our problems on too, none of us would ever be able to truly navigate this thing called life. Remember why you are working with a coach and the true purpose of a coach: 1. To empower you. 2. To hear and acknowledge you. 3. To challenge and unlock newness within you. 4. To support and cheer you on. 5. To trouble shoot, sound board, and discuss. Please, never expect your coach to take on your problems and try to fix them for you. Ensure that you have a strong, confident, qualified coach that can guide you in all the ways you need, but also challenges you to think for yourself.

If you're looking for a coach that will support, guide, and celebrate with you while helping you step into YOUR true power, I'd love to support you with my 1:1 mentorship! Together, we can make magic happen!


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