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How To Make IG Stories Fun and Engaging

Curating an Instagram feed can sometimes be an overwhelming task. Coming up with captions and creating photos and images in the perfect pattern takes time, which is something we entrepreneurs don't often have! Instagram stories are the perfect way to engage with your audience without having to put together a post every day of the week. They are used by over 500 million users a day, so the reach you can have is huge! The key is consistency across your branding and message so your audience recognises it as soon as it comes up on their feed. If you're wondering how to create engaging stories on Instagram, read on for 10 hot tips!

10 Tips for Creating Engaging Stories on Instagram

Creating engaging stories on Instagram doesn't have to be hard. In fact, it should be fun and joyful for you! Check out these 10 ways to create stories that land with your audience!

  1. Have a focus for the day and what you're talking about.

  2. Have two to three colours you use in stories, that people then recognise when you pop up!

  3. Use GIFs to explain what you are talking about (people love GIFS!).

  4. Use text to support your story (not everyone will have you on loud).

  5. Create mini graphics or slides in between your stories to prompt people to what is coming.

  6. Share examples, pictures, and draw tables to make your stories informative and valuable.

  7. Give context first. Don't just share graphics and run.

  8. Use CAPITALS to grab attention on key words during your stories.

  9. Have consistent energy. Whether it be your morning walk, coffee, breakfast thoughts - something that your community can 'join in' with and feel part of the experience with you.

  10. Use the hands-free feature when you can so people see more of you than just your head! This just creates some variety!

Be Yourself on Instagram Stories!

Most importantly, have some fun and play around with what works for you. As with all social media, your authenticity and real-ness is what will resonate with your people, so always be yourself!

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