• Samantha Hearne

It Doesn't Have To Be How It Has "Always" Been

Have you ever had an incredible idea that you couldn't wait to share with those you love, and then they somehow shut you down?

You can't wait to share your ideas and big plans, and they say something like, "Oh, maybe you shouldn't do that? Are you even qualified?"

People will ALWAYS give you their fear, tell you what could go wrong, share their doubts because they think they are protecting you.

They are doing it out of love and because they want to keep you from experiencing failure.

But there comes a point when truly living and honoring your dreams is worth the risk.

It's worth the unknown. It's worth trying. It's worth committing.

Only people who are willing to go beyond what they know to be true, go beyond what they hear is ''reality," can unlock doors for others behind them.

Those people are the ones that pave the way for others to see what else is possible.

So we know what is out there for us, and so what we know can be done!

So ask yourself this one question today :

Are you willing to show people that the doors they live behind can be unlocked?

You can be that person, that shining light, and that example.

Embrace that privilege and use it to remind yourself of what YOU CAN DO…

Remember - it doesn't have to be how it's ''always'' been, and you don't have to keep doing what everyone expects. Pave a new way.