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It's A Rollercoaster, Not A Cruise

I'm here to tell you what I know about entrepreneurship, and sometimes that isn't what you want to hear. But it's 100% what you need. The truth is, entrepreneurship is more like a rollercoaster than a cruise, and that is okay.

We need to talk about entrepreneurship in a non-polarizing way.

Seriously, can we bring the intensity down a little bit? Of course, some days your schedule will be chaotic, and that's to be expected. I mean, you are running a business.

It doesn't' have to be working so hard that you're online 24/7, giving every ounce of energy and time you have, and giving up everything due to burnout.

It shouldn't just be spoken about in the context of A or B.

It isn't you either don't succeed or you burnout. There is a middle ground in entrepreneurship that can be a mix of hard work and enough balance to enjoy your life. Maybe you even take the weekend off.

Running a business can be fun, easy, and full of wins.

It can also be days of low energy, lethargic, and flat vibes. It can even make you question what you are doing all this for in the first place.

You may have days where all the clients say yes and pay in full.

You may also have days where every lead ghosts you or says no.

But these everyday challenges and triumphs need to be talked about WAY more. We don't have to feel shame in either case.

I am not talking about just the big wins or celebrations. I am also talking about the little ones, like the one new email subscriber, the two new comments on your freebie, or whatever it may be.

No one gets to any next level without taking it one step at a time.

Focus on making one move after another. I wanted to unlock this rollercoaster is 'normal' side and not necessarily just the loops or gut drop moments. Sometimes, entrepreneurship is just going to be okay, and we need to celebrate that too.


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