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3 Things I Stand For As A Female Entrepreneur

Being a female entrepreneur is one of the most empowering things I've ever done. The women I've been able to connect and build relationships with inspire and lift me up every single day. But there is a dark side to it. There's judgement, negativity, and competition. Today, I'm sharing 3 things I stand for as a female entrepreneur.

My Commitment as a Female Entrepreneur

As a female entrepreneur, I am committed to raising the vibe in the female entrepreneurial space.

Here are three things I stand for:

1. Judging others is never the answer.

Judging how someone runs their business, their methods, or talking about them behind their back is not for us. We should be leading by example. I compare myself to myself only and I focus on how I show up, who for, and how I make my clients feel.

2. No one else is my competition.

They are my allies. I look to them for inspiration, not demoralization. If someone else is achieving something, I (and you!) can too.

3. This is not a race to the finish line.

This journey isn't about who can hit certain figures first, who has the best launch, or who has the biggest following. It's about the long game. Will you still be showing up in five years? Does this business you're building make you happy? What you learn today has no expiration date and if you aren't seeing instant results, it doesn't mean you never will. Keep implementing and focus on the long-term.

This is a legacy you're building. It's something to make you happy and excited, not tear you down.


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