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Setting Business Boundaries That Work For You

Setting clear business boundaries is what makes all the difference when it comes to your scheduling, success, happiness, and freedom. Those who question or challenge the boundaries you set are also the people that abuse them. Everyone deserves to have a business that works for them, so read on to learn how to set and stick to those business boundaries. .

Setting Firm Business Boundaries

Building a scalable, profitable business does NOT mean you have to work more hours, raise your prices constantly, or come out with new offers 24/7.

Business boundaries allow you and your clients to feel safe, supported, and sure within your relationship together. Boundaries also allow you to thrive in a whole new way, giving you the energy you need to make a big impact and show up well for your clients! Knowing you can serve your clients to the fullest and serve yourself and your goals is powerful.

Business Boundaries Around Scheduling

One of the most important ways to set boundaries is in your scheduling. Scheduling creates more freedom and ease in your business and your life.

Avoiding structure within your schedule can lead to even more chaos and randomness. Having structure in your business schedule allows for more opportunity, more space to create and innovate, more spaciousness to actually live and thrive, and more success.

Questions to Ask When Setting Business Boundaries

As you set boundaries in your business, reflect on these questions:

  1. How can you set your business up to have powerful but purposeful boundaries?

  2. How can you structure your business to allow better client services and more space for you to thrive and grow too?

If you’d like support in these 2 areas, click here to learn about how you can work with me 1:1 so we can create purposeful boundaries in your business!


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