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  • Samantha Hearne

Let's Get Visible

You have something amazing to offer. Not only that, you have something amazing to offer that you are ALSO majorly passionate about. You know you can help your target market achieve the goal they want, but you're still struggling to get seen by those people.

So how can you change that and start gaining visbility online?

1. Schedule posts to go out on your FB page every other day

*Example - Videos, quotes, text, short & long copy, and top tips!

2. Plan a theme or focus for your insta stories daily. Keep that rainbow ring around your profile!

*Example - Still images, past photos you’ve got, landscape photos, pre-recorded videos, live stories & videos, BTS, sneak peaks, top tips, challenges.

3. Post daily on Instagram - with your 5 CORE MESSAGES for your business, tribe & community.

* Example - Money, empowerment, quotes, positivity, success, travel, books - whatever your core messages are, create daily posts around these themes.

4. Connect with other people, relationships are key!

* Example - Commenting on others posts, replying on stories, asking questions in groups, writing reviews on podcasts, sharing Instagram posts of others, joining lives & engaging - get talking to others & get yourself out there.

5. Research events & networking opportunites.

Google. Eventbrite. FB groups. Social media.

*Example - Go to events, meet new people, research events coming up, book tickets to networking breakfasts or lunches.

Tell me below if you have tried any of these tips and tricks, and what has worked for you.

BONUS: Make sure you know the answer to the questions - WHAT DO YOU DO?!

Practice this answer & share it in all of the above ways to get yourself seen, your energy absorbed & people connecting with you.

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