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10 Ways to Level Up Marketing in the Online Space

There's so much noise and shiny objects in the online space that it can be difficult to know which marketing strategies to implement in your online business in order to attract more ideal clients, generate more enquiries, and make more sales. Check out these 10 ways to level up marketing in the online space, without feeling sleazy or going against your values.

Choosing the Marketing Strategies That Feel In Alignment For You

Before we dive into the marketing strategies, I want to bring something very important to light. Your marketing should always feel 100% in alignment for you, your personality, your goals, and your values.

Just because other online business owners are implementing certain marketing strategies and finding success with them doesn't mean you have to do the same.

Decide what lights you up, what you enjoy, what you're good at, and what resonates most with your audience. Then, focus more on that rather than chasing shiny marketing strategies and giving them 50%!

10 Ways to Level Up Marketing in the Online Space

If you're ready to take your online marketing to the next level and get more enquiries and paying clients coming into your business, check out these 10 ideas to try.

  1. Answer this question in your stories: What makes you highly qualified and the person your followers should listen to?

  2. Share your personal journey from where you started to where you are now. You can do this in posts, carousels, a mini training, a blog, a live, a talking reel, step-by-step on stories, etc. If doing a live, generate a countdown for people to turn reminders on to build curiosity and hype.

  3. Create content on a client case study and share what they have said about working with you. Share their journey, how they have grown, what’s changed since you started together, and what their main challenges were that you helped them overcome.

  4. Share your own learnings. Be the model and lead by example. Become someone that models what your ideal clients want to achieve.

  5. Share behind the scenes content and let your followers INTO your world. Make these behind the scenes pieces of content all about creating a connection with your ideal client.

  6. Promote your services in posts, carousels, reels, and in your stories consistently. Add links to your sales pages and remind them of the offers you have going. Share past wins as social proof and do a live about what you do, who you serve, and how you help them transform.

  7. Delete anything that is not relevant anymore or that you have outgrown. Talk about this with your followers and be transparent and bold as you evolve.

  8. Update your bio. Make it simple and clear so people know exactly who you are, what you do, and who you serve. No fluff needed, just impact-focussed content.

  9. Designate one day a week focussed on adding real value through your marketing. Share a freebie, launch a new opt in, do a mini training, host a weekly live, etc. Make your page somewhere people want to come back to.

  10. Re-share your wins, client wins and results, testimonials, and case studies. Make an impact more than once and shout out the people who have been positively impacted by you and your offers.

I hope these 10 ways to level up your marketing help you as you move forward and share your value and offers. Let me know in the comments which numbers you want to focus on first!

Need more support in attracting more ideal clients that convert to paying customers? Get in on my Social Media Masterclass Training, where I'll show you how to do this without focussing on just your following.

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