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Personal Brand vs. Personal Life

As business owners, sometimes we get caught up in the idea that our personal brand affects our personal life. Meaning, there is no separation between the two and we often feel like we have to be "on brand" at all times. In 2016, I started my online business, and let me tell you - the online game has changed big time! The platforms, buying patterns, algorithms, and education around online businesses have different strategies than they did 7 years ago. Read on for 6 things I have learned by running an online business and using social media marketing.

Your Personal Brand is Not the Same as Your Personal Life

As a business owner, you get to choose what you share. There is so much in my personal life that I choose to keep private. Like my social life, challenges, breakdowns, and hardships. I ensure my brand is about my values & passions as your coach and mentor. But setting boundaries for my mental health allows me to hold space between my personal life and business.

Consistent is Not Constant

You do not have to be online 24/7. By making a marketing plan that you can work with, you can create a timetable that suits your life and capacity. Be sure to choose the days that you can consistently show up on and stick with them. It doesn't have to be complicated!

Serving Others Doesn't Mean Ignoring Yourself

As a service-based business owner, you are serving the needs of others. But that doesn't mean you have to feel guilty for taking time for yourself. Allow yourself space for holidays off, choose the days you work, or go on holiday. You should model what your clients would want to do - balance, space & flow.

Your Business Doesn't Define You

Think of your business as a bonus prize. It's an outlet for you to express your passions, creativity and dream bigger. But your business and personal brand are not all of you. You can create success in your life, memories, and adventures too!

Struggling in One Area Doesn't Mean You Can't Thrive in Another

Success and challenges can co-exist. Just because you are feeling the pressure and struggles in one area of your life (or in your business), doesn't mean that everything else will be challenging too.

You Can Feel Like You're Competing, But You Aren't

It's okay for a lead to say no to you and decide to work with someone else. It's okay for a past client to then shift their business to work with another coach. It's not a competition. Being in this space means ensuring everyone gets the best support and that you are also building connections, relationships, and compassion. You are working with people, that's the heartbeat of your business. So allow it to beat!

If you are ready to push past these misconceptions of your brand and personal life and move forward in achieving your goals in your business, all while creating balance for your personal life then check out my Summer Sprint programme!


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