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Remember The One Simple Reason

Only you can truly take charge of your life and change your trajectory. Back in 2017, that’s exactly what I chose to do. Read on to learn the one simple reason you must remember when deciding to go after the life you want.

My Story of Taking Charge of My Life

Back in 2017, I had been teaching for 8 years. I had a great job, fabulous job security, stability, and excellent benefits. However, I felt like there was more for me out there. I started sharing on Instagram, committed beyond belief, and took bold action consistently.

Since then, I have accomplished many things, but the one I am most proud of is being able to live and lead by example and constantly show YOU what is possible and available to you.

I do believe there are some fundamentals needed to create success, take charge of your life, and create a life beyond limitations. A lot of the time, these are the parts of the journey that people sideline.

The Most Important Thing it Always Comes Back to is Consistency and Action.

Running a business can quickly just become a whole lot of learning software, management, administrative work, balancing schedules, creating systems, checking finances and subscriptions - you get the idea!

It can also mean you need to manage late invoices, clients changing their minds, ghosting in the DM’s, clients canceling contracts, client queries - again, you get the idea!

But Amongst All of This, There is a Reason.

A reason you started this wild ride.

A reason you chose to try.

A reason you put yourself out there and took that leap.

A reason you broke a mould and went at it your own way.

A reason you are reading this.

A reason you show up.

A reason you decided to take charge of your life.

It doesn't have to be a big, gigantic WHY either.

And I’m not talking huge why’s or big why’s to all of this.

It Can Just Be One. Simple. Reason.

So the question I always come back to when business takes over and I start to lose myself in the business vs living my life is this...

Why did I start this?

And more importantly…

Why do I keep going?

But ultimately - please know that the trajectory of your life and success really is in YOUR hands.

Never be afraid to take charge of your life and always remember why you keep going.


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