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How to Use the Three Pillars of Feedback

In the world of business, feedback is a powerful tool that can drive growth, inspire action, and facilitate implementation. However, our early experiences with feedback have taught us to see it as either right or wrong, correct or incorrect, yes or no. This oversimplified view can leave us unprepared to effectively utilize feedback in our business endeavors.

Read on for the 3 pillars of feedback and how to use them in your business.


Feedback can be a catalyst for growth. It provides valuable insights that can help you clarify your strategies, products, or services. However, the initial response to feedback is often discouraging. When an offer doesn't perform as expected, our first thought is to consider drastic changes - lowering prices, offering incentives, etc. This reactive approach can lead to a survival mode mindset.


Feedback has the power to inspire action. It can push you to reevaluate your approach, make necessary adjustments, and take concrete steps toward improvement. But sometimes, feedback shocks us. When reality doesn't align with our expectations, we may be taken aback and question what went wrong, feeling overwhelmed in the process.


Feedback is a driving force behind implementation. It guides you in executing changes and refining your offerings. However, there's a tendency to shut down when faced with feedback that doesn't align with your vision. Disregarding feedback is a natural response to protect your business and its personal nature.

Feedback is a double-edged sword in the world of business. How you perceive, process, and act upon it can determine your business's trajectory. Embrace feedback as a resource for growth, take inspired action, and implement strategic changes to drive your business toward success. Remember, feedback isn't about right or wrong; it's about continuous improvement and achieving your business goals.

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