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15 Ways to Make a Sale Now

As a business owner, you understand the pressures of making sales. Some days, despite all your efforts to promote your services, it might feel like you're not making the progress you want. But selling doesn't have to mean forcefully pushing your message or shouting "buy from me!" through a megaphone. There are effective, subtle ways to attract clients and generate sales without being overly aggressive.

Read on for 15 ways you can promote and sell your services right now without explicitly selling.

1. Celebrate a current client and their journey.

2. Share an insight as to why you run your programme the way you do & the experience your clients receive.

3. Share social proof from a current client and add context.

4. Create a carousel that highlights the benefits of working with you inside X programme.

5. Do a live and add value (based on a topic you cover when they work with you in X).

6. Ask your audience questions & offer to support them.

7. Send an email with updates on what’s going on this month.

8. Record a reel that shares a client win & the magic in your world.

9. Do a direct sales post or content.

10. Share some behind the scenes of what’s inside your offer.

11. Share a countdown or reminder of how many spaces are left in your programme.

12. Do a quiz to get to know you and your business better offering a price at the end.

13. Promote your lead magnets to grow your list and nurture your community with value.

14. Start conversations in the DM’s with your most magical people.

15. Share before and afters from clients who have finished your programme or experience & where they are now.

It's easy to promote yourself and your business when you take away the pressure of landing a sale. It's time to make your business and your services known, make genuine connections and land those dreamy clients!

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