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3 Questions to Help You Take Radical Responsibility

If you're committed to evolving and growing as a human and in your business, you have to take radical responsibility. When you take radical responsibility for your actions and inaction, the choices you do and don't make, the habits you form and ignore, and the goals you set and don't commit to, everything will change for you and your business.

Read on for 3 powerful questions you should ask yourself daily in order to take radical responsibility.

1. What am I no longer available for?

This question helps you get clear on your boundaries and what you need to release in order to grow and expand. If it's not serving you, it's time to step away.

2. Who am I committed to becoming?

This question allows you to think big picture and step into your self-awareness. Take radical responsibility for who you're becoming and what you're embodying.

3. What is my one main goal right now?

You can't focus on all the things at once. Get clear on your number one goal for this season and take radical responsibility for your strategy, decisions, and accountability.

Are you willing to take radical responsibly for where you are / are not and where you are going? Write these three questions down and reflect on them daily in order to grow into the version of yourself and the business that you desire.

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