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Blame is a Distraction from Responsibility

Blame is a distraction from responsibility in business and in life. If you truly want to move forward, there are only two ways to do so, and neither of them are by placing blame. Those two ways are ownership and responsibility.

Taking Ownership and Responsibility in Business

Now, I’m not saying that other people are never to blame. Absolutely not. However, I am saying that the only person that can move you forward, live your life, create the success you dream of, change your life, and move mountains is you.

So unless you take ownership of your life and then take responsibility for how you choose to live it, what you focus on, and what you give your energy, then what you truly deserve won’t be able to shine through. You will be too focussed on what someone else is or isn’t doing, how they are living or not living, and how they run their business or don’t run their business.

But the bottom line is this - only YOU live your life and can truly change what happens next. What has happened before now is gone, but what’s to come is totally your call.

I say this all from experience and with love.

This is Truly What Changed it For Me.

If you're too consumed with how someone else is showing up, creating success, and living their life, all that is taking away from is the attention you are giving your own life and business.

It's time to start OWNING IT and embracing your own power to create the life and future you desire right now. In order to do that, you must CLAIM IT FIRST.

If things aren't going the way you want or results aren't happening in the way you’d planned, let’s start claiming and changing things and taking responsibility.

Your New Mantras

  1. I am no longer available for (insert type of clients that don’t align with you).

  2. I am no longer available for (insert way of thinking/energy that’s holding you back).

  3. I am longer available for (inset a fear that you keep listening to).

Let’s start claiming it to change it.

If you need help, check out this CEO Mindset Training to help you get in the right headspace!


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