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4 Phases to Your Online Business in the World of Technology

In today’s world of business, there are essential elements that can drive your business forward. These core elements include marketing, social media presence, ideologies, and your business's overall structure. So how does technology play a significant role in shaping business growth?

Check out the four phases to your online business in the world of technology below!

Big Expansion

In this stage, you’ll experience expansion in your business. Meaning, you’re looking to grow your reach, attract more clients, and increase impact. As we start to dive into more technology and digital platforms, this phase allows you to establish a solid foundation for future growth.

Natural Restriction

This stage might initially sound negative, but it serves a purpose in your business's sustainability. During this phase, you’ll experience a period of coming back, allowing for necessary introspection and grounding. By embracing restriction, you will start to build resilience and adapt to changing market dynamics.

Ebb & Flow

In this stage, we look at both phases together as they represent the natural ebb and flow that occurs within the business. This dynamic is filled with periods of high growth (peaks), and then followed by moments of adjustment (troughs). When you embrace this rhythm, riding the wave, you can learn and grow from each experience.

As we navigate through these phases, it's crucial to understand the significance of coming back in, centering, and grounding. In the era of social media and technology, there is an illusion that constant expansion and financial growth should be the sole focus. But instead, we should be focusing on creating a balance between each phase.

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