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5 Activities to Move Your Business Forward

We all have those days when you just aren't feeling it. You're burnt out and tired and you really don't want to show up. Let's just normalize these feelings because it's totally fine! But there are so many ways that you can still show up for your business, without having to do a brainstorming session. Read on to learn about 5 activities you can do on your off days to move forward and support your business.


Re-share a training you’ve done or a piece of content you’ve created that your community can still benefit from. It doesn't matter if it was from a year or a month ago. If you feel it's beneficial, repost!


Repurposing content is basically a business owner's superpower. Turn a podcast episode into quotes for socials, a blog, or an IG Live into a podcast, or a training you've delivered into a low-cost funnel.

Focus on Clients

Your main purpose as a service provider is to serve your clients. Focus on them so you can deliver the best service to those already in your world that you’re aligned & connected to.

Static Images

You don't always have to be "on". Take some time away from the camera, and create content like quotes, images, top tips, etc. You can create carousels, guides, blogs/articles, and reels.

Ask Your Community

Use this time to connect with your community. See how they are feeling and where they’re at. Use polls and questions if you aren't up to being visible.

By adopting these practices weekly, you can manage your energy better and prevent the burnout you may be experiencing.

If you are interested in other ways to build a social media presence without the constant strain of being "on", check out my FREE training to help you attract ideal clients, and make your social media presence stand out.


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