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4 Steps To Create Momentum in Business

"I'm doing everything right, but nothing I try seems to work!" Have you said or felt this? Are you in this space right now? It's so easy to feel like following a handbook or step-by-step guide will make everything just fall into place. But what if you're following a system and it isn't paying off? Here are four steps that could help you shift from working hard and getting nowhere to really seeing some momentum in business!

1. Creating a robust sales process.

What are you doing to support your sales experience that isn't focused on selling?

  • Your valuable content.

  • Organic funnel.

  • Chance to serve.

  • Visibility and credibility.

  • Community building and relationships.

  • Social proof and momentum.

Focusing on these non-selling activities could actually help you make more sales with ease.

2. Energy, intuition, and fun.

You didn't start your business to feel constantly deflated or unmotivated. Ensure you have plenty of space for your business to feel fun and easy. What you're creating, your original ideas, networking and connecting with peers, and time to learn should all serve you and energize you. Your energy will permeate through to others.

3. Do you know what works?

Here are some ideas to analyze where you're at so you can create more momentum in business.

  • Audit your business and reflect on what is working.

  • Look at the success of your business currently.

  • A lot of entrepreneurs feel that they need to keep creating new things to evolve or grow, but a lot is actually around refining and tweaking.

    • What is working in your business currently?

    • What has worked in the past that you've stopped doing?

    • When you were signing clients and getting sales, what were you doing?

    • Are you spending time daily on the things that work?

    • Is your daily schedule focused on generating momentum and results or a long list of to-dos that don't seem to be working, but just overwhelming you?

4. Do you need to reconnect to your ideal client?

If you've lost sight of who your ideal client is, ask yourself these questions to reconnect to who they are.

  • Do you have a lead tracking process?

  • Are you speaking to your community to verify your ideas or offers?

  • Are you confident in your onboarding process?

  • What is your call conversion rate?

  • Are you pre-qualifying your potential clients?

  • Are you so focused on getting the sale that the process to convert and onboard isn't streamlined?

If you're ready to create more momentum in business and get more sales with ease, check out my Sales Framework Training.


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