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5 Things You Need To Include In Your Marketing Copy

When selling online, it's crucial for your audience to easily identify your offer. However, there are instances where potential clients find themselves uncertain about the services provided and the expected outcomes. This can also leave potential clients/buyers wondering if you are the real deal, or if you are a scam. Neglecting to include essential details in your sales copy not only undermines your offerings but also diminishes your business's potential.

Read on for 5 things you need to include in your marketing copy.

Clear Title

Whether it's your email copy, sales page, or socials, there should be a clear title and a one-line explanation. This is vital for people to want to know more.

Key Information

People buy from a place of knowing. This is one of the three needs in sales psychology. Include any dates, locations, requirements, or other key information that the buyer needs to know.

Social Proof

Show people what they are missing! Include examples and social proof of what buyers could experience if they work with you, buy your product, etc.

Why Now?

Answer this question in your copy. Why do they need this 'thing' now? Why is it so important for them to sign up right now? This should be for time frames, importance, benefits, cost, etc.

What's Next?

People need clarity when they buy. If they do end up buying, what happens next?

Stop trying to be mysterious in your copy. Clearly state what your offer is, what your rate is, and how to get started working with you! Say it loud and say it proud!

If you need support with your sales copy, check out the Sales Framework Training, where you will learn all of this and more!


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