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5 Truths to Normalise

In a world where success is often glamorized and struggles are swept under the rug, it's time to normalise discussions about the challenges we face. Because we ALL face challenges as entrepreneurs and we don't share about them enough.

Read on for five truths that we need to normalise.

1. 'Successful’ people are NOT immune to life

It's easy to assume that successful individuals lead perfect, problem-free lives. However, the reality is far from it. Everyone, regardless of their status or achievements, experiences hardships, challenges, grief, and energy slumps. Just because we don't see or hear about these struggles doesn't mean they don't exist.

2. You are never alone

Feeling isolated in your struggles is a common experience, but that’s why being part of communities is key. If you’re feeling something - someone else has, is or will. Don't hesitate to seek support and allow yourself to be supported during difficult times.

3. Hard things aren’t always ‘bad or wrong’

While difficult circumstances may seem overwhelming in the moment, they also provide opportunities for growth and resilience. Embracing challenges and overcoming obstacles are what shape us and give us the strength to face future adversities. Remember that the tough times you face will ultimately be the reasons behind the strength you have.

4. Lead by example

If you're encouraging others to face their challenges head-on and seek support, make sure you're willing to do the same. Leading by example is powerful and authentic. Show others that it's okay to be vulnerable and ask for help when needed. By practicing what you preach, you create a culture of openness and support.

5. Focussing on the negatives changes nothing

It's easy to focus on the negatives when facing challenges, but dwelling won't change anything. Instead of getting stuck in a cycle of negativity, focus on finding solutions and seeking support. Whether it's through problem-solving, seeking professional help, or leaning on your support network, taking proactive steps can lead to meaningful change.

Remember, it's okay not to be okay, but it's important to take steps towards healing and finding solutions.

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