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5 Ways to Manage Time to Get Results

Having a family, running a business, maintaining friendships, taking up new hobbies... how do I manage to juggle it all? Let's face it. Life is overwhelming and once you start adding in extra circulars, it feels impossible to manage. But as an entrepreneur, wife, mum, and a woman who loves to travel, it's crucial that I maximize every moment that I can.

Read on for 5 ways that I manage my time more effectively, and optimize my results.

Allocate Days for Specific Tasks

Scheduling certain tasks for certain days is an effective way to organize my week. Currently my schedule looks like this: Mondays are my coaching & active delivery days; Tuesday evenings are for working on my business, getting creating, and adding value; Wednesdays & Thursdays are my dedicated Mum days, and I'm also available to clients via message or email; Friday is my official day off each week. I also don’t take calls the final week of every month.

Make My Response Time Clear

My clients know to always allow 6 business hours for a reply. While this is an exceptional response time in this industry, this has remained the same post baby.

Keep Track of Everything

If I receive any client messages, emails, admin, or tasks, they go on my notes list in my phone. I check this list multiple times every day to stay on track & focussed when I have pockets of time. This is helpful especially if things come up when I'm not right at my computer.

Create a Master Plan

Call me the queen of plans but if I know what's coming up, it makes a difference. I keep my schedule updated for the upcoming 4-6 weeks that includes holidays, launches, admin, and client work. This way nothing catches me off guard or creates panic.

Get Help & Support

An obvious point! Sometimes we all need a little extra help and support. If this means you need to hire a nanny, a house keeper, a virtual assistant, a copywriter, etc., then do so! If you just need to join a mastermind support group, then do it!

By following these key tips, I am able to maximize my time every single day and the results really speak for themselves.

If you are ready to create a business that is about more than just you doing all the work, being online 24/7, and constantly being available then join me in this free training on Successful Systems to help your 6 figure business run itself.


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