• Samantha Hearne

8 Ways To Boost Your Creativity

As entrepreneurs, we are naturally creative. We've built our businesses from the ground up and our ability to solve problems, look at things from a different angle and embrace new ways of taking action are what helps our business continue to grow.

Sometimes, however, the pressure of creating content, launching programs and the general running of a business can cause our innate creativity to dampen. We need to take the time to continually nurture and take care of our creativity to ensure we are showing up as our best selves for our biz!

Here are my top eight ways to boost your creativity:

1. Read, learn and exercise your brain

Have you ever read a page and then just had 1,000000000 ideas of how you can turn that into a live, post or email?⠀

2. Move your body and energy

New environments and energies create flow.

3. People

Surround yourself (virtually or offline) with people that spark joy, excitement and fun.

4. Do something different

CHANGE is growth

5. Reflect on your journey

Look how far you’ve come & let that inspire you!⠀

6. Music

Listen to music that reminds you of adventures, experiences and good times!

7. Take time offline

Nothing good comes from forcing yourself through those low times. Take the time away you need!

8. Listen to inspirational stories and people

We are all inspired by what we hear & this is a great way to feed your mind with nuggets of gold!

Which number will you focus on this week?