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Aligned vs. Misaligned Clients

In the coaching world, the relationship between the service provider and the client is so important. A strong partnership can lead to incredible growth and transformation, while a misaligned client can derail progress and create unnecessary challenges.

Read on to learn more about how to recognise red flags in potential clients.

Misaligned Clients

Misaligned clients often exhibit certain behaviors and attitudes that can be challenging to work with. Here are some red flags to watch out for:

  • Request Discounts: Misaligned clients may push for discounts or alterations to your invoicing structure, indicating a potential lack of respect for your expertise and worth.

  • Overstep Boundaries: These clients might want access to you beyond the agreed-upon time, blurring the lines of your professional boundaries.

  • Complaints About Previous Coaches: Constantly complaining about past coaches or mentors may signal a negative outlook and an unwillingness to take responsibility for their own progress.

  • Makes Excuses: Misaligned clients tend to make excuses for not doing the work or for failing to meet their commitments, shifting the blame to external factors.

Aligned Clients

On the flip side, aligned clients are a dream to work with. They have a strong commitment to the coaching or mentoring process:

  • Respect for Agreements: Aligned clients respect your contracts, invoicing, and pricing structures, acknowledging the value you bring to their lives.

  • Excited to Collaborate: They are genuinely excited to work with you and embrace your methodology and approach.

  • Willing and Prepared: Aligned clients show up on time, fully prepared for sessions, and willing to engage in the work necessary for their growth.

  • Accountability: They understand that their progress is primarily their responsibility and are willing to put in the effort required to achieve their goals.

By recognizing the characteristics of both misaligned and aligned clients, you can make informed decisions about whom to work with and how to navigate these relationships effectively. Remember that your expertise and time are valuable! Having aligned clients will make for more productive outcomes!

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