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Building a Ready to Buy Audience

As an online service provider, it's crucial for your business to land paying clients. Oftentimes, you can grow your audience by creating free content and offering free downloads. This not only grows your business but also builds trust with your audience that you can provide quality content. So how do you shift those who are just looking for a freebie to those who are ready to pay an invoice?

Be Direct

There is no benefit to being cryptic & fancy with your titles, and service offers if they are not clear. Start being direct with your marketing and explicitly promote your services!

Remember Your Reason

There is a reason you decided to create this business online. It’s not to just create viral content. So if you’re more focused on the algorithm than attracting your ideal clients, this is your opportunity for growth. Start shifting your mindset and work on it!


Start evaluating your positioning online. Is your content valuable to your ideal clients? Does your content showcase your expertise? Do you use your content to engage or broadcast? If not, let’s change that!

Selling = Marketing

Sales are not a stand-alone thing. Start integrating selling into your everyday message, marketing & content.


Don’t keep what you’re doing secret! Share your behind-the-scenes, the processes, and the context. Be transparent about what’s in store. Build excitement! This creates a strong relationship between you and your audience.

If you’re ready to feel supported in generating consistent sales, getting results in your business, and having clients say YES more than no, then check out my Summer Sprint Programme! Doors are open now and spaces are limited!


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