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Building an Audience That is Ready to Buy

Do you feel like you're constantly creating content and adding massive value, but you aren't seeing the conversions you desire? While that strategy for landing clients worked well in 2020, times have changed. Now, it's all about building an audience that is ready to buy. Read on for a few key shifts and strategies to help you do this in your business.

3 Shifts to be Mindful of When Building an Audience

As you are looking to build an audience of ready to buy clients, consider these 3 key shifts for why adding value should not be the only way that you attract and land new clients.

  1. Your community is much wiser as to when they are being sold to and how.

  2. The "adding value" strategy is trickier than ever before with more social media platforms to navigate and plaster quick wins on with no commitment or obligation needed.

  3. The reason people convert into paying clients and sign up for your services has shifted from pain point to solution.

Tips for Building an Audience That is Ready to Buy

Now that you know WHY it's important to shift away from this strategy, check out these tips for building an audience that is ready to buy and take action with you.

1. Layering

When you do create valuable free content, be sure to follow it up by layering on what comes next in the journey.

This could be:

  • Another option to be supported even deeper.

  • Personalised contact.

  • Next-level communication.

  • Examples, Q&A’s, and case studies.

When you are layering within your content, go into more depth with LESS content by making it more potent and memorable. Focus on the NEXT STEPS your audience needs to take to get results.

2. Connection and Direct Communication

It’s pointless to have hundreds of new clients sign up with you if you don’t talk to them or connect with them on a personal level.

Connect and communicate with your audience to learn:

  • What they need next.

  • How your content has actually helped them.

  • If you enticed them to connect with you further.

  • What communication is coming to continue to build the relationship.

  • How you are showcasing connection vs opt-ins/sign-ups to your audience.

3. Talk Directly to Your Community

Talking directly to your community is the most valuable part of creating value-based content.

By talking with your audience, you can learn:

  • If they enjoyed it.

  • What resonated with them.

  • What's happening next for them.

  • If they are available to speak about the value you provided.

Plus, this is a great opportunity to make time to seek feedback from your community.

The Truth About Building a Ready to Buy Audience

While these shifts and tips can help you create an audience of people who are ready to buy, these communities aren't built in one week or even one month. They're built over time by putting your energy and intention into layering, connecting, and talking to your community consistently.

The value you add is brought to LIFE when you combine it with layers of next steps and actions, plus the chance to connect and communicate as OFTEN as you can.

I sell out programme after programme WITHOUT doing stereotypical launches because I do this work and have been consistently since 2016.

If you're ready to dive in with me to increase your sales, profit, and wealth, join me inside of the Expansion Mastermind, where we'll go deep and make waves in your business together.

Let me know in the comments, what are you going to do next to build a ready to buy audience?


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