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Creating Balance With Boundaries

Boundaries & balance are essential in creating a happy, thriving business. Boundaries can range from working hours, to ideal clients, to services offered, and more. By creating boundaries in our business, we create a balance that allows us to tap into other areas of our lives like having families, hobbies, traveling, and much more.

Read on for 5 tips to attract clients that will honour your boundaries.

Communicate Them

Communicating your boundaries ahead of time will help to protect you and your time. By laying that foundation prior to starting your contract with a client, you can avoid any confusion later.

Remind Them

We all make mistakes or forget things sometimes. If your client breaks your boundaries, gently remind them of them to avoid it happening again.

Reinforce Them

It can be easy to slip into a cycle of letting things slide here and there. It's important that you continue to reinforce your own boundaries. You deserve them!

Explain Them

If you feel needed to explain why you have a boundary in place, do it! This can help a client understand why these boundaries are there and why they are so important to you.

Write Them

Occasionally, send emails about your working hours, availability, upcoming holidays, and boundaries to your clients. This is a gentle way to remind clients what you have going on and how and when they can reach you.

Having boundaries in place comes from setting up systems that support you and the work that you do. If you are ready to set firm boundaries that will allow you to create more success, more space and be more productive, check out my free training on Successful Systems for Your 6 Figure Business.


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