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Invest in Yourself and Your Commitment

When it comes to investing in yourself, many times, entrepreneurs have a different expectation of the investment than the commitment they're willing to make. They have the mentality that they want everything for the cheapest option, but expect the highest value. However, when you invest in yourself, you'll only get results if you commit to putting in the work and making the investment worth your while. Let's dive into why you should invest in yourself AND your commitment.

The Truth About Investing in Yourself

When you invest in something for yourself and your business, that investment is NOT the solution. YOU ARE!

For example, if you invest in a mastermind programme with a business coach, they can give you the support, tools, and resources to make huge progress, but YOU have to implement them and put in the work. The person you work with isn't doing the work for you.

If you listen in to podcasts, read blogs, and consume free advice from your favourite mentors online, the changes won't happen until YOU decide to take action.

The Blame Game

If you choose to invest in yourself by enrolling in a programme or hiring a business coach, you have to be in tune with your self-awareness.

If you aren't getting the results you want, is it because of the programme or is it because YOU aren't committed to it? Most likely, it's the latter.

If you aren't committed to the investments you make, you won't get the results you want... plain and simple.

You can't show up 50% of the time or with 50% of your best efforts and expect your business to skyrocket.

You have to go all in and commit to making the most of your investments. Your coach or the programme you enroll in shouldn't show up the other 50% for you. It's your responsibility to give your business 100%.

My clients work with me in my masterminds and programmes for accountability, strategy, high-level mentorship, discussion, energy, connection, space to grow and be challenged, and access to higher order thinking, NOT for me to run their businesses for them.

Showing Up for Your Journey

Running your business and showing up for your results is ultimately YOUR journey. What you expect from your investments, you must expect from yourself, first and foremost. Then, use your investments to support you and catapult your commitment!

So, how are you going to take action to fully commit to your investments moving forward?


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