• Samantha Hearne

Moving Forward Or Staying Safe?

I have a question for you; What could hinder your progress today?

I asked my £5k females this on one of their mastermind calls this week for two reasons;

1. To identify what support they may need and to get really mindful about asking for it.

2. To become proactive in their approaches to their progress and not reactive when stumbling blocks occur.

When things don’t go to "plan" it can be easy to fall back into comfort or what we know, but this is the time to really step up and go beyond the challenge and into the progress that lies beyond it.

Being resourceful, proactive and forward-thinking always supports me in move forwards instead of falling into comfort or what I know to be safe at the moment.

Things happen out of my control daily but does it stop me? No.

Be prepared for what could stump you and have a plan in place so you have your own workarounds to guide you through.

We either step forward into growth or step back into safety. Neither is wrong but at some point, we have to catch ourselves and ask: Which is needed to move us forward?

What can you foresee that would prevent you from reaching where you want to be by the end of this week?