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Overcoming The Negativity Bias

In a world with so much media and information to consume, we can often find ourselves comparing our journey to everyone else's. We start to doubt ourselves and our ability to stand out and be successful. This can send us into a downward spiral where we only look for the negatives and dwell on them. This is called the negativity bias.

If you want to truly be happy in your life and create a business that fulfills you and stands the test of time, you have to stay in a positive headspace. You have to overcome the negativity bias and combat it with all of the good and possibilities available to you.

What is The Negativity Bias?

Did you know that your brain will search for facts to prove your negative thoughts right? That's the negativity bias in action.

Here are a few examples:

If you say you’re not ready, your brain will find reasons that is true, such as family, work, time, or money.

If you think you’re not successful or ready enough, your brain will go roaming and scrolling to find people that are more 'successful' than you.

If you say you don’t know enough, you’ll keep attracting new freebies and opt-ins that you download and then find yourself focusing on what someone else is doing and 'you’re not' doing. You'll find yourself constantly watching someone else to see just how productive they are.

All of these examples of the negativity bias can leave you feeling empty, like a failure, and with no positive outlook for the future. It's a slippery slope to be on.

How To Overcome The Negativity Bias

It's so important that you learn how to overcome the negativity bias and turn it off whenever you feel that negative headspace taking over.

So, the next time you focus on the cant’s, wont’s, maybe next time’s and all the uncertainty, remember... your brain will search for reasons to support and reinforce those thoughts.

Instead, choose to overcome the negativity bias by reframing and refocusing on the POSITIVITY BIAS. However, you can only truly live in the positivity bias when you realize how your brain could have held you back or made you believe all the fears and doubts you thought were FACT - when they are most definitely NOT.

If you're ready to shift into the positivity bias and take your business and life to the next level, click here to join my Upgrade Your Business Coaching Experience! This experience will help you stay focused on YOUR goals and dreams and create the strategic action plan to make it happen.


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