• Samantha Hearne

Sorry, Your Biz Won't Grow Overnight

It's natural as entrepreneurs to want to see exponential growth in our business. Of course, we do! It's usually the culmination of years of dreaming, planning and hard work. And we look at our social media feeds and find all these entrepreneurs who built their dream business, seemingly overnight.

But while it might seem that way, I can almost guarantee you that that is not the case. And in the rare instance that someone does achieve that kind of immediate success, they are the exception- not the rule.

Building a business is like growing into an adult- it doesn't happen overnight.

The majority of entrepreneurs spend years building up their business and often try a number of different approaches to growth and scaling before they find the one that works for them.

If you are feeling stuck and unsure where to focus your business growth, here are my five rules to help you reflect on where you can make a shift:

1. Take full responsibility for where you and your business are in this moment.

2. Recognise if your current beliefs are creating an abundant mentality or an excuse mentality?

3. No longer see investing as a luxury for your business but a necessity for growth

4. Remember that your growth is not a competition with anyone else’

5. Identify how you are holding space for your business to grow or actually keeping your business safe where it is.

I use these as a reminder that when you are building and growing your business, there are so many components that matter.

It’s integral to embody your CEO decision making, CEO mindset & CEO actions - you are not an employee of your business, you run the business!

Which is going to be your business growth focus for the rest of June?'