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The Curse of Women in Business

Being a woman in business is no easy feat. We tend to feel like we have to constantly prove ourselves in order to be deemed as worthy. There is a big curse around women in business. The curse is thinking that other women have it all figured out and constantly smash it whilst you have highs and lows, things fall to shit, and you struggle sometimes. I'm here to tell you, this couldn't be further from the truth! Knowing this is not true is the cure!

Read on for a few key insights to remember so you don't fall victim to the curse.

5 key rules to remember about the curse of women in business.

1. Someone may be killing it today whilst your feeling like a total failure - but that is NEVER the whole story.

2. Every single person on this planet experiences challenges and tough times - you might just not know about it!

3. Having a ‘feel sorry for yourself’ or ‘everything’s crappy’ day doesn’t make you a fraud it makes you REAL and HUMAN.

4. The only way anyone can appreciate success and epicness is when they have also felt what it’s like to not be there.

5. Your strength is built from the times you feel the weakest. It teaches you the most and creates the next version of yourself ready to rise.

Remember - the curse of women in business has the power to make you compare, doubt, judge, question and feel like a failure.

The cure has the power to remind you that you are human, everyone is on a journey, and yours has led you to where you are, and there is NOTHING wrong with that.

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