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There Are No Second Rounds On Today

It seems like the niggles you ignore the most are the ones that come back screaming the loudest. It may sound a little cliche to "listen to the niggles," but honestly, I am here to say it again.

Why? Because the biggest challenge for so many incredible women is being brave enough to listen to those shouts coming from the inside. They keep ignoring it, pushing it to one side, or even keeping it safe for later. And this is why I'll be repeating it again and again until you're listening.

Sometimes I have conversations with women who are ready to listen to themselves, and then all of a sudden, they do a 180 and start backpedaling. In these cases, the niggle isn't enough!

Then fast-forward 3 months, 6 months, or even years later, and absolutely nothing has changed.

Including that niggle. It's still there too. Can you relate?

Maybe you set out for big changes in your life (listening to the niggle), but you explained it away. "Oh that's just a crazy thought," or "Something is wrong with you because it keeps coming up."

Maybe the niggle got a little quiet because you finally decided to listen to it and you thought, "Oh, life must just be a little better right now."

Whatever your story - if you have something you want to do, are thinking about, want but keep putting off, wishing for but forever dismissing; TODAY is a reminder that you don’t get to do this again.

There are no second rounds on today.

There are no do-overs. There is no time that you can ever get back. We have to make today count. We have to make it count so we can do what we are put on this earth to do.

So as we are strolling into a new week, I want you to reflect on these things: courage, commitment, no excuses, and a big dose of HELL YES.

What do you say? Is that a HELL YES from you? Tell me in the comments what YOU are going after today!


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