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Words to Use in Your Business Messaging

The words and language that you use in your business messaging is key when you want to connect with your audience and get them to engage with you.

Your words should:

• Capture the right person’s attention. • Connect with that person so they want to stick around. • Convert that person into a client, customer, and forever fan. • Use your own voice so you are not sounding like everyone else out there.

5 Words to Use in Your Business Messaging

When creating content for your business messaging, consider these 5 words:

1. YOU

Never generalize your audience. Make it personal. When you talk to them directly, it makes all the difference. YOU matters.


Never raise yourself above your community. You’re in this together and you want them to connect with you and the journey TOGETHER.

3. NOW

Create clarity around the present. The present is where the power is and this is the empowerment you want to give your tribe.

4. WHY?

Always ask questions and invite answer and reflections. Create conversation and dialogue with your audience.


Become the solution. Create solutions for your community. Give them answers consistently. Solutions are the reason we all grow and when you support others to grow, that’s the real magic!

Try these strategies in your content and business messaging and see if you notice a difference in your engagement.


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