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3 Reasons Financial Literacy Matters

In the world of social media, we often think that financial literacy means that we all have high cash months, sold out launches, 6 figure quarters, and £10k months. In reality, it really means that you know your profits, understand your business run costs and create stability from a financial perspective. So when it comes to your business & your financial literacy, where do you currently operate from?

Read on for 3 reasons why financial literacy matters.

Pricing with Purpose

Without a solid understanding of financial literacy, you can start walking a path of pricing for profit, money goals, and how to make it quicker - without knowing the purpose of the money in your life, circumstances, and commitments. You don't want to price yourself out of your own audience, create prices you then reduce, price without confidence in the number

Financial Planning

Scaling your business is not just raising your prices each quarter, or taking on more clients into your programmes. Having clear financial literacy for your business allows you to identify your next financial targets, current gaps in planning, and the bigger-picture strategy for the profit of your business.

Embracing the Natural Flow of Business

Without solid financial literacy, you can end up running your business reactively. Money is running out so let's launch, cash is dwindling so let's create a new offer. Understanding the financial literacy of your business allows you to move with intention, plan with vision and stop reacting out of panic or fear over the money "running out".

If you need support with your financial planning, forecasting, pricing & saving plans check out the Sales Framework Training, where you will learn all of this and more!


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