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3 Rules I Use In My Business

Let's be honest: Business hasn't always been as juicy, magnetic, and successful as it is right now. There were times when it felt harder, heavier, and almost impossible. During those tough times, I relied on three key rules to guide me.

Read on for the 3 rules I use in my business that help me get through the rough patches.

1. Make Your Business a Priority

If I don't make my business a priority, no one else will. This rule was a game-changer for me. When things were tough, it was easy to let other aspects of life take precedence. But I realised that if I didn't prioritise my business, I couldn't expect anyone else to. I had to commit to it fully, giving it the time, energy, and attention it needed to grow.

2. Show Up for the Business You Want

Show up for the reality and business you want and are building. That's the only way it will become just that. This rule is all about intention and visualisation. I had to consistently show up as the person I wanted to be, running the business I envisioned. By embodying the success I wanted, I started to attract the opportunities and clients that aligned with that vision.

3. Take a Risk on Yourself

Remember that you're doing what 90% of people never would: taking a risk on yourself and something better. Entrepreneurship is inherently risky, and it's easy to get discouraged by setbacks. But I kept reminding myself that taking a risk on my own potential was a courageous and rare choice. This mindset helped me stay resilient and motivated, even when the odds seemed stacked against me.

So, which of these three rules do you need to focus on right now? Whether it's making your business a priority, showing up for the reality you want, or taking a courageous risk on yourself, embracing these principles can transform your entrepreneurial journey.

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