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4 Categories of True Business Development

Think about the path of our human development. Every single human is developing every single day. Some of us are doing so more consciously than others, and some more willingly than others. But in the end, we are all developing.

If you only learn how to sell, when do you learn how to serve? If you only learn how to write copy, when do you learn to network, promote yourself, and stand in your power? If you only learn how to manage your energy, when do you learn how to use social media?

Read on to learn about the 4 categories of true development.


This is all about how you think, react, decide, comprehend, and understand. Your cognitive function is constantly developing, breaking limiting beliefs, overcoming fears, and stepping out of your comfort zones.


This category of development represents how you feel, express yourself, show up, and share. With this, you will feel vulnerabilities, triggers, celebrations, empathy, compassion, boundaries, and understanding.


Your physical development will encompass your health, energy, habits, routines, and lifestyles. This is the category that is responsible for your sleep patterns, hormones, energy levels, nutrition, movement, stress management, and rest.


Lastly, the behavioural category controls your behaviour loops, the cycle of self-sabotage, and your safe zone. This is the core for your excuse patterns, reasons to or not to do, comfort zone activities, fear-based living, defines mechanisms, and protective responses.

Remember that growth is not an upward trajectory. It requires development from all four of these categories in order to reach its full potential. It all impacts your overall sustainability and longevity in business.

Having a strategy for your business development can lead to more creativity, freedom, and success. For the month of September, I am offering a FREE Accountability & Momentum Bootcamp where I will be there to coach, mentor & support you with your momentum & results.

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