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How Success is Built

If you've ever wondered how success is achieved, you might think long hours, stress, and sacrifice. However, that's not the case. Real success it is not built on success. It's built on the lessons you learn and the mistakes that make you better. Read on to learn how success is achieved and built in the online space.

4 Things to Remember About Success

How is success achieved in the online space? These 4 things will help you see the way.

1. Objections are a Good Thing

When someone gives you an objection, that's a good thing because it shows that you're inviting people to STEP UP and elevate their decision making.

2. Launch Goals are Set By YOU

The goals you set for yourself are set by YOU. They're not monitored by the launch police. If you set a goal for yourself to get 40 enrollments and you get 32 - that is a success! Goals are there to keep you moving forward, not to punish you. Use your goals as fuel but not the ONLY option.

3. Don't Be a Robot

I used to struggle with setting boundaries around payments, cancellations, DM's, and saying NO. But in order to be the best coach and mentor I could be, I had to ensure my business is running like a business - not a one woman show. So give yourself the gift of treating your business like a business and remember you're a human, not a robot.

4. Success is Objective

Success has to be built in a way that brings you JOY! It isn't ££ for everyone, or hours worked, or houses owned. Success is about what brings YOU JOY.

Which of these will you focus on when you face a curve in the success journey?



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