• Samantha Hearne

4 Ways To Become Omnipresent Online

If there's one thing we hear a lot about as online entrepreneurs, it's the importance of consistency. Consistency in our message, how we show up and when we show up. It can often feel overwhelming!

Being consistent is not the same thing as being online 24/7, forcing yourself to show up or constantly being "happy".

It's about creating a brand that speaks for you.

It's about building a community that respects and trusts you and having content that adds value even when you're offline.

Here are my top four ways you can become omnipresent online without needing to always BE online:

1. Repurpose

If you have a video you've made, you can turn it into audio for a podcast or an IGTV, share a sound-bite and share it in your weekly email, create an up-levelled video for your Facebook page OR create a GIF to help promote it elsewhere! The content repurposing potential is endless!

2. Timing

Remember that a 15-second story lasts 24 hours so time your stories for maximum impact. I usually do 2 minutes of stories (8 clips) to start my day knowing it can then be consumed all day long!


3. Cross-pollinate

Use various platforms to promote content on other platforms. For example:

  • Share a link to your best performing Instagram post that week in your weekly email.

  • Create a Facebook post that shares insights about your weekly email⠀⠀

  • Add your key links in your podcast show notes.

  • Use your stories on Instagram to direct people to your freebies & so on!

4. Repeat

Share past content that has performed well and resonated! You are not creating new content but your audience is connecting and engaging with you online.

Remember, consistency doesn't need to feel overwhelming- it can become a superpower!

Which strategy can you put in place to become more omnipresent?