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5 Reasons Why You're Not Seeing Business Results

Do you feel like you're doing ALL the things in your business, but you're just not seeing business results? You show up online, serve your audience, post on social media, create Reels, keep your blog content consistent, nurture your email list, but the needle is just not moving forward.

It can be frustrating, but you can (and will) move past this! Read on to learn how you can change this narrative and start seeing real business results, consistently, easily, and effectively.

5 Things Holding You Back From Getting Business Results

In my experience working with online entrepreneurs, there are key patterns I see that hold business owners back from achieving the results they desire. Here are 5 things to look out for and how to flip the script to start seeing massive results in your business.

1. Trying to do ALL the things.

Yes, you read that right. Trying to do ALL the things in your business is actually hindering you from getting business results. Doing more doesn't make what you're doing effective, especially if you're just doing these things out of habit and to mark them off a to-do list.

Try this instead: Do more of what works, what brings you joy and energy, and what moves your business forward... and hone in on those tasks. Don't spread yourself and your marketing so thin that nothing lands with your audience, works, or converts.

2. Not auditing what you've been doing.

When you fail to reflect and audit what you've been doing in your business, you'll never know what works and what is a waste of time. With ever-changing algorithms and strategies, it's crucial to consistently audit your actions.

Try this instead: Go back over the last 3 months and audit your content, emails, lives, blogs... all of it!

Ask yourself:

  • What got the most engagement?

  • What attracted the most ideal clients?

  • Where did I generate leads from?

  • Did any of them convert and generate sales?

This level of analysis is vital for you to start becoming laser-focused on your messaging, marketing, and what actually works to bring you business results and more clients.

3. Not setting quantifiable goals.

Business owners who don't set quantifiable goals don't have a clear path of where they're going. Therefore, their actions are often not aligned or meaningful. They simply "do the things," but in reality, the actions you're taking can look very different depending on your goals.

Try this instead: Be clear with yourself and your community on what your goals are and how you can serve them. If you know you can only realistically serve two 1:1 clients at a time, use that to your advantage and create exclusivity with your audience. Set quantifiable goals for each quarter, month, and week.

For example: I created a post specific to the SHIFT Closed Membership and it got less than 100 likes, so it tanked on engagement metrics, BUT, I welcomed another shifter in via the DM's from that post!

4. You're disconnected from your community.

If you are not connected to your community and are simply telling them things or broadcasting your services, how do you really know if that's working for and landing with your community?

Try this instead: You need to dig in and get to KNOW your community and followers, or they will never become clients. Use polls, respond to comments, have conversations in the DM's, send voice notes... whatever it takes to get more personal with your audience and truly understand where they're at, what they need, and how you can better serve them.

5. You're not focused on the gaps.

If you're so focused on checking things off of a to-do list, you may be missing out on the gaps and new opportunities in your business.

Try this instead: Become self-critical (not self-judgmental) and get honest with yourself.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What isn't working here?

  • Where are the gaps?

  • Am I being vague and generic in my content?

  • Am I scared to be direct?

  • Is it clear what I do and how I help people?

  • Do I actually promote my offers and services?

  • How do I handle outreach and enquiries?

Commit to bridging these gaps with support, new knowledge, or whatever you know you truly need.

I'd love to know which of these things you're focusing on in your business, so share with me in the comments below!

You deserve to be creating the business results you desire, don't forget that!

If you're ready to truly take your business to the next level, check out my Upgrade Your Business Experience, a FREE 5-day video training series to help you blast through your goals!


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