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  • Samantha Hearne

5 Ways To Become The Expert In Your Field

As entrepreneurs, we are all striving for success (however that looks for us!) and part of that is building a reputation that makes people want to work with us.

It's about getting our name out into the community and being seen as the solution for our potential clients.

Here's my top five tips to building a personal brand that is synonymous with expert!

Build a framework that is unique to what you do and you can use that to share with your community.

For example:

  • Coaching programme framework

  • A "5 Steps To" pathway

  • Your own method to email marketing

  • Your original way of explaining sales

  • Your own system for content creation

Showing up is always a given!

Find something that your community will need, want and, most importantly, will benefit from!

  • A cheat sheet⠀

  • Guide to

  • "How To" e-book⠀

  • Video training

  • Masterclass series

  • Workbook

This allows your community to learn about how you teach, what you've got to share and shows your personality and engage them. You can captivate your community through video in powerful ways!

  • Interview people

  • Collaborate on your platform

  • Invite guest experts into your space

  • Provide content and connections above and beyond what your audience get online

Which will you be adding to your strategy this year?

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