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7 Marketing Tips to Land Clients

When it comes to marketing, there are countless tips and tricks on how to land clients and make sales. It can be overwhelming to decide which strategies to focus on in your business. The key is to find what energizes you and allows you to show up authentically.

Read on for 7 marketing tips to land clients.

Social media is crucial for reaching your ideal audience and staying top of mind with potential clients. If social media feels confusing, here are some effective marketing methods to help you start conversations and increase conversions.

  1. Share Your Why: Create in-depth content about why you do what you do and the impact it can have. Share this through live sessions, stories, posts, emails, or blogs. This helps potential clients connect with your mission and values.

  2. Highlight Client Wins: Develop a theme around your client successes and share these stories consistently through stories, highlights, client interviews, and direct messages. This builds social proof and shows the real-world impact of your work.

  3. Simplify Your CTAs: Have three clear and straightforward calls to action (CTAs). Avoid confusing your audience. Examples include offering a freebie download, booking a free call, or messaging you directly. Keep it simple and direct.

  4. Provide Real Value: Schedule specific days and times to offer valuable content such as trainings, masterclasses, tips in stories, and detailed post breakdowns. Always consider why you are sharing this content and who it is for.

  5. Engage with Questions: Asking questions is vital for creating an engaging culture with your audience. It encourages interaction and makes your audience feel valued and heard.

  6. Lead by Example: Share your personal experiences and insights. Show what you are doing, how it’s working, and why. Marketing yourself through your own journey can be incredibly powerful.

  7. Focus on Your Audience: Prioritize your audience’s needs and interests over talking about yourself, even if they don't respond immediately. Demonstrating a genuine interest in their problems and offering solutions builds trust and engagement over time.

So which marketing tip will you try first?

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