• Samantha Hearne

Luck Has Nothing To Do With It

Has anyone ever said something to you along the lines of, “That looks amazing, but that is only for the lucky ones. Not everyone can end up with XYZ.”

Or maybe they’ve said something similar that has subtly cut down all of the hard work you’ve put in to get where you are.

I'm not sure if you follow me over on the gram' (if not, let's be friends), but over the last week,I have been sharing a ton of photos of this palace we were staying in. It was absolutely stunning, insane and well it was a palace!

But you know what?

It wasn't luck or some good fortune that got me here, it was:

Saying no to my friends and family to do my weekly Facebook lives on Fridays and Sundays.

Working weekends to build up - well, just about everything.

Planning content and writing ideas during my breaks from teaching full-time.

Working my summer holidays and half-terms to make extra money.

Starting at the beginning and not giving up.

Doing coaching sessions for £99 to build my brand and serve my growing community.

It was knockbacks, hard lessons, tears in the bath, and so, so much second-guessing.

ANYONE can make their dreams become their reality.

ANYONE can choose to change the course of their life.

ANYONE can start to save and watch their money grow. (I started small at £20 a month)

ANYONE can end up living their dream life.

It isn't about luck, some hidden fortune, or being ‘a certain type of person.’

It’s about commitment, consistency, passion and a vision.

YOU can create anything, I mean anything, if you CHOOSE to believe it

So this holiday I am ticking things off my bucket list, treating Luke & I, being treated, enjoying culture, saying yes to what feels good and I am soaking up every last minute of it I can.

You know why? Because I have given up a lot to be exactly where I am right now and I want to enjoy every possible second of it.

Remember - what you dream of can and will become your reality, if you choose to believe it. Commit to it.

Claim it and bloody well show up to make it happen.

What are you choosing to commit to today to make your dreams happen tomorrow?