• Samantha Hearne

The 6 Essential C's in Business


This is a big value of mine.

Communicating with people in a way of respect, compassion & honesty. As well as communicating to your potential clients with clarity, confidence & purpose.

Communication is your key to connection.


Your content is what CONNECTS people to you. This is how your community learn from you, feel supported by you, gain value from you (and keep coming back)

If there is no content - what are your community gaining from being there?

What does your content say about you, your business, your expertise?


People skip this one and run straight to sales but without community how will your business be talked about? How will your business stay fresh? How will your business keep growing?

Community is the heartbeat of EVERY business and brand.

Community is the epicenter of any business. Nurture them!


I say this a lot. But consistency is what builds momentum and trust. Consistency also doesn’t mean 24/7 or overkill.

Consistency will elevate your status with your community as they will see you as their solution regularly. It will also raise awareness of who you are and how you help - because you are consistently showcasing that.

Consistency breeds momentum and impact. If you can do 1 thing a day for 100 days - that’s better than 10 things a day every so often. Learn what consistent looks like to you & commit to it.


It’s so easy to want to quit when times get hard. But you’re better than that. Muhammad Ali said ‘I don’t count the press ups until I can’t do them anymore or how am I stretching myself’. Commit to your goals - even when it’s hard. This is your secret ingredient and super power to real change and results.


Treat others and their small businesses the way you would like to be treated.

If you want your clients to be committed - be committed too.

If you want your clients to honour boundaries - honour them too.

Whatever it may be, whoever it is, remember they are human too. Compassion is free but when it’s missed, can cause a lifetime of hurt.

Be kind to everyone.

Which is your favourite or area to work on?