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The Power of Branding

How confident are you with your opt in page or current sales page? I was recently inspired by the branding message on a deodorant bottle (yes, you read that right). Finding inspiration for your marketing message in everyday products shows us how powerful branding can be.

Read on for a simple framework that you can use in your sales pages and opt in pages to attract your ideal client.

Connecting Tagline

There is an art to simple yet powerful taglines. In just a few words, you should be able to personalize the experience and capture your audience's attention. A connecting tagline can create a lasting impression.

Clear Reasoning / USP

You should be able to explain exactly what you do or what you offer in just one sentence. This is your hook. It should make your audience want to know more.

Problem Highlighting & Solution Statement

By highlighting common problems, you can show your audience that you understand the issues they face. Share the solutions you can offer to build trust with potential clients.

Use your everyday products as marketing inspiration and take note of their structure and the way that they pull you in. Use your everyday life to inspire your marketing!

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